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Plant Explosion Texas

Fertilizer explosion: West, Texas, grieves for dead first-responders — death toll is 14

Two days after the fertilizer facility exploded in a blinding fireball, authorities announced Friday that they had recovered 14 bodies, confirming for the first time an exact number of people killed.

California unemployment rate drops to 9.4 percent

California's unemployment rate dropped in March to 9.4 percent as job growth in the state continued to outpace the nation, figures released Friday show.
Nelson Vails
Join a feeder ride led by Olympic cycling medalist Nelson Vails, who won silver at the 1984 games in Los Angeles. Plus plenty of tips on how to make your day smoother.
KCET logo

Updated: LA's KCET lays off 22 in reorganization

KCETLink said Friday it is laying off 22 people and not filling five vacant positions in a major reorganization. KCETLink was formed when KCET-TV and Link Media merged.
Police Converge Mass
An uncle told The Associated Press that the men lived together near Boston and have been in the United States for about a decade. They came from the Russian region near Chechnya, which has been plagued by an Islamic insurgency stemming from separatist wars.
Attorney Gloria Allred and a group of Occidental College students and alumni file a federal complaint claiming the school violated equal rights standards when dealing with rape, assault and retaliation claims.
LA Police Shootings
At least eight people believe they deserve all or part of the $1 million reward offered for helping bring the saga of ex-cop Christopher Dorner to an end.
Nissan is recalling more than 19,000 Nissan and Infiniti SUVs because a brake part can fail and make it harder for the driver to stop the car.The recall affects Nissan Pathfinder and Infiniti JX SUVs from the 2013 model year.
The truancy crackdown is part of a multi-agency gang effort that warns parents first to get their kids back in school - with arrests if there's no change.
Students are being allowed back into dorms, though the campus is closed. The school closed at noon and was evacuated after a bomb threat was phoned in.
1-800-get-thin billboard
Superior Court Judge Kenneth Freeman is not convinced the proposed $500,000 payout to the estimated 11,000 plaintiffs in the class action suit is sufficient.


Christopher Dorner Big Bear Manhunt
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department dispatch logs from Feb. 12 chronicle Christopher Dorner's final hours from the perspective of computer-aided dispatch.
Shootings In Cambridge, Watertown Draw Massive Police Response
Authorities are instructing people in the residential neighborhood of Watertown, Massachusetts to stay inside amidst a continuing manhunt for a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.
Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti
A new TV ad from Greuel, an endorsement for Garcetti and a debate. Here's what's happening Friday in the race to be the next mayor of Los Angeles.
UMMA Fremont Wellness Center

UMMA celebrates new clinic, garden at Fremont High

Among Fremont's nearly 4,600 students, about one-third are obese and 1 in 30 develop type 2 diabetes before they turn 30, according to UMMA.
This AR-15 style weapon was on display in March at the 7th annual Border Security Expo in Phoenix, Ariz. It's among the type of weapons that advocates of new gun laws want to see banned.
Pension fund for rank-and-file employees has about $158 million invested with gun and ammo companies. Police, firefighter and DWP unions have not yet provided info.
As Senate hearings start on comprehensive immigration reform, the two Boston bombing suspects' roots in Chechnya are overshadowing talks.
Amidst a week of horrifying tragedy, NBC has decided to pull episode 4 of new serial killer drama “Hannibal” from its schedule over concern about its violent content.
The Senate Judiciary Committee held its first immigration hearing Friday, but it was overshadowed by events in Boston and Texas. Correction:
Patt's Hats
Is it, by chance, Helena Bonham Carter’s birthday? This begged me to take it out of the closet this morning, a frock very much a la Bonham Carter mode. [We all do know that her husband, Tim Burton, is from Burbank, right?]
Wendy Greuel Profile
Today is Friday, April 19 and headlines include questions about Wendy Greuel's outsider status, Eric Garcetti's relationship with DWP, and cycling in LA.
01 - UMMA Clinic Nursing

High blood pressure control lagging in the safety net: study

Research from Michigan State University says federally-qualified health centers need to improve how they control hypertensive patients' condition.
Scott Claassen took a year off from cars and all other types of vehicles and mechanical devices. He called it a Carbon Sabbath.
Prop 8 - 8
Advocates had hoped the proposed bill would include a provision allowing gays and lesbians to sponsor foreign-born partners for immigrant visas.
transformers 4
Ability to turn into a laser-fighting robot race car is neither required, nor encouraged.
Hollywood Blvd Character Impersonators Protest Ban Against Them
While Superman made the cover of Action Comics #1, he wasn’t even the only story in that comic — but he soon took over, with later issues hitting 1 million in sales.
Los Angeles Mayor
It's been a busy day for Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti. Here's a look at what's happening on the campaign trail.
Tesco Opens First Of Its "Fresh & Easy" Stores In L.A

Poll: What should become of Fresh & Easy?

Fresh & Easy’s parent company said Wednesday that it's selling the grocery chain because it could no longer support its sagging sales. What would you like to see happen with their stores?



Episode: AirTalk for April 19, 2013

How should colleges handle on-campus sexual assault?

A group of current and former Occidental College students are suing the college for failing to respond adequately to sexual assault on campus, citing 37 incidents of assault.
7 - Boy Scouts - Part 1

Boy Scouts to consider ending ban on gay youths

The Boy Scouts of America is proposing to end its ban for gay youth members, but will continue to forbid gays as adult leaders. The proposal still needs to be voted on by its nearly 1,400 members of its National Council at a meeting in Texas in May.
Oblivion Tom Cruise

FilmWeek: Oblivion, In the House, and Antiviral

Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Wade Major and Henry Sheehan to review this week’s releases, including Oblivion, In The House, and Antiviral. TGI-FilmWeek!

Updates on Boston manhunt for marathon bombing suspects

Stay up-to-date with on the ground coverage of the search for Boston Marathon bombing suspect.


Caltech students prepared dinner for Stephen Hawking and Patt Morrison, and Patt had the chance to speak with Hawking about religion, physics and more.
Permanent Records

Eagle Rock's Permanent Records celebrates Record Store Day

The yearly event features in-store performances, meet and greets, and hundreds of exclusive releases by artists ranging from garage bands to Bruce Springsteen.
Help us interview country star Billy Ray Cyrus (father of you-know-who) about his life, music, and memoir "Hillbilly Heart."

FilmWeek Marquee

FilmWeek (04/19/13): Oblivion, In The House, and Antiviral

Larry Mantle is joined by KPCC film critics Wade Major and Henry Sheehan to review this week’s releases, including Oblivion, In The House, and Antiviral. TGI-FilmWeek!


Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Wade Major and Henry Sheehan to review this week’s releases, including Oblivion, In The House, and Antiviral. TGI-FilmWeek!

The Loh Down On Science

North American Beaver

Beavers improve the environment for other animals

Fuzzy lumberjacks save the world.

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