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Steve Julian
Of all the plays you have seen recently, how many broke ground for you? We need to ask: can we give our audiences something they have not yet seen or heard?

A paeon to 1940s Los Angeles from an unlikely source

1948's "He Walked by Night," the noir police procedural that set the stage for "Dragnet." Jack Webb has a supporting role as a police tech.

Marc Haefele on working with Philip K. Dick

David Dufty has written "How to Build an Android." Of all the many strange books about Phil Dick that have appeared since his death, it is perhaps the strangest.

Dylan Brody goes into the Deep South and learns something

My fancy education left me ill-equipped to understand in Chickamauga, so I quickly resorted to nodding and smiling as ancient Southerners shouted words distorted beyond my comprehension.
egg fry sidewalk

Frying an egg in Northridge's Sherwood Forest

John Rabe and Northridge native Kevin Roderick meet in Sherwood Forest and, on one of the hottest days of the year, try frying an egg on the sidewalk.